30 Sweetest Tomato Varieties to Choose From (Ultimate List)- The Scientific Gardener (2023)

Quick Answer: What Are The Sweetest Tomato Varieties?

Tomatoes with more sugar and less acidity content are considered sweeter. Some of the sweetest tomato varieties are Rosada, Apero, Floridity, Sungold, Sakura, and Pineapple. Cherry tomatoes are sweeter than other types, making them favorites among gardeners. You may choose sweeter varieties that grow well in your area and fit your preferences.

When it comes to tomatoes, there are countless varieties to choose from. But, which ones are the sweetest?

This is my comprehensive list based on over ten years of growing tomatoes.

Here is a list of the sweetest tomato varieties that will tantalize your taste buds!


  • Quick Answer: What Are The Sweetest Tomato Varieties?
  • Sweetest Tomato Varieties (Hybrid / Heirloom)
    • 1. Tomato Rosada
    • 2. Tomato Apero
    • 3. Floridity
    • 4. Sungold
    • 5. Tomato Sakura
    • 6. Mortgage Lifter Tomato
    • 7. Black Cherry Tomato
    • 8. Sweet 100 Tomato
    • 9. Juliet Tomato
    • 10. Sun Sugar Tomato
    • 11. Sweet Million Tomato
    • 12. Jet Star Tomato
    • 13. Golden Sweet Tomato
    • 14. Isis Candy Tomato
    • 15. Pineapple Tomato
    • 16. Ponderosa Tomato
    • 17. Blush Tomato
    • 18. Brimmer Tomato
    • 19. Sweet Tooth Tomato
    • 20. Allure Tomato
    • 21. Brutus Tomato
    • 22. Riesentraube Tomato
    • 23. Big Rainbow Tomato
    • 24. Prudens Purple Tomato
    • 25. Porter Tomato
    • 26. Anna Russian Tomato
    • 27. Crokini Tomato
    • 28. Caspian Pink Tomato
    • 29. Pink Ping Pong Tomato
    • 30. Tommy Toe Tomato
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Sweetest Tomato Varieties (Hybrid / Heirloom)

There are over ten thousand varieties of tomatoes in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Not all tomatoes are sweet.

The flavor of the fruits comes from soluble sugars, organic acids, amino acids, and volatile compounds.

Here are some of the sweetest tomatoes you can grow in your backyard!

1. Tomato Rosada

One of my favorite sweet tomato varieties is Rosada with a Brix rating of 10.5. They are baby plum-shaped with pollen-rich flowers and high sugar content.

Rosada is a baby plum-shaped indeterminate tomato variety. They received a Brix rating of 10.5.

Each plant may produce 143 bright-red fruits on average. They prefer chalky, well-drained, clay, or sandy soil. They are suitable for growing in a greenhouse or patios.

They require full sun and are known for attracting bees due to their pollen-rich flowers. These tomatoes have a high sugar and acid content that gives their unique sweetness.

2. Tomato Apero

Apero is one of the finest-tasting cherry tomatoes. They have a balanced sweet flavor and show resistance to a variety of diseases.

The next tomato variety that is known for its sweetness and vigorous growth is Apero. They have a Brix rating of 9.5. Their zesty flavor works well in salads.

They are an indeterminate variety that may be grown in full sun to maximize the sweetness.

They produce oval fruits with high resistance to Fusarium wilt, nematodes, and Tobacco mosaic virus.

3. Floridity

Floridity is a sweet baby tomato with excellent flavor and good disease resistance. The plant has long trusses laden with many fruits.

Floridity is a highly productive variety producing cherry-sized fruits with exceptional flavor. They grow in well-drained soil and cooler conditions.

They have good resistance to Fusarium wilt and cracking.

They have a Brix rating of 9.5 and trusses laden with up to 35 fruits best grown both inside and outdoors.4.

4. Sungold

Sungold cherry tomatoes are orange-yellow colored fruits with a sweet, fruity flavor. They are an early ripening cultivar with high yields and a Brix rating of 9.3.

Sungold variety is a popular hybrid cherry tomato with orange-yellow colored fruits. They have a Brix rating of 9.3 due to their high sugar content.

They work well in green salads, appetizers, grilled, and sautéed dishes.

Also, they have good resistance to the Tobacco mosaic virus.These indeterminate varieties prefer long hours of sunlight and produce firmer fruits.

They received the British Horticultural Society’s award of garden merit.

5. Tomato Sakura

Sakura is an early, attractive cherry tomato with a sweet flavor and compact growing habit. They produce disease-resistant, firm fruits for a longer time.

With a Brix rating of 8.8, Sakura is a high-yielding, early-harvesting, cherry tomato variety.

They have a vigorous growth habit and are resistant to Fusarium wilt, leaf mold, and tomato mosaic virus. They grow well in small tight places.

These cherry tomatoes are crack resistant that grow on indeterminate plants. They are perfect for salads, sandwiches, and spaghetti sauces.

6. Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Mortgage Lifter tomatoes are open-pollinated, huge beefsteak tomatoes that have won many taste tests. Their meaty and firm texture goes well in many dishes.

Mortgage Lifter tomatoes are heirloom tomato varieties producing pinkish-red, beefsteak-shaped fruit about 1-2 pounds each with a sweet flavor.

They are an indeterminate type with a firm and meaty texture.

They hold well in tomato sandwiches.

This type is grown by M.C Radiator Charlie Byles of West Virginia. He produced after crossing varieties for six years.

7. Black Cherry Tomato

With purplish, brown color, Black Cherry tomatoes are gaining popularity for their sweet flavor. They are disease-resistant and used in several applications.

Black Cherry is small, purple-brown tomato with a complex sweet flavor. They are an open-pollinated, indeterminate, disease-resistant variety that grows in clusters.

They are grown by Vince Sapp of Tomato growers supply company and used in wide cooking applications.

They are quite vigorous and may require a tall cage to support the plant.

8. Sweet 100 Tomato

Sweet 100 tomato is an F1 hybrid variety producing small cherry-sized tomatoes. They are versatile with a balanced sweet taste.

Sweet 100 tomato is a hybrid cherry American variety that produces sweet and tasty fruits. They may be half to one inch when completely ripe.

They are grown by the Northup-king seed company on indeterminate vines.

They are used for snacking, salads, cooking, freezing, and pickling. They are prolific with drought and heat tolerance.

9. Juliet Tomato

One of the popular cherry tomatoes known for their high sugar content and robust taste is Juliets. They are an indeterminate variety with disease resistance.

Juliet tomatoes are thick-skinned fruits with a distinct sweetness and are perfect for salads. They are red, elongated cherry types grown in clusters on long, indeterminate vines.

They are F1 Taiwanese hybrids grown by the Known-You Seed Company.

They are crack-resistant and won the prestigious All-America Selections award in 1999.

10. Sun Sugar Tomato

Sun Sugar with a sweet flavor and fruity undertones is another cherry tomato variety. They work well in salads with thin skins and color.

Sun Sugar are cherry-sized, orange-colored hybrid tomatoes known for their sweet taste and fruity undertones. Also, their sweetness overrides the acid taste of tomatoes.

They grow on hardy productive plants yielding several fruits.

I use them in salads or as a snack due to their thin skin. They are easy to grow and resistant to Fusarium wilt and tomato mosaic virus.

They are named by Sunset magazine as the best-tasting tomato.

11. Sweet Million Tomato

Another hybrid snack tomato variety that is easy to grow and early maturing is Sweet Million tomatoes. They need support and pruning for ideal growth.

Sweet Million is a small, cherry-type, F1 hybrid tomato.

They are red-colored with a sweet taste and grow on long, indeterminate vines. They are a winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

They have a mix of sweetness and acidity with a Brix rating of 7.1.

They mature early and deliver fruits on trusses. They need support for climbing and are resistant to Fusarium wilt and Tomato mosaic virus.

12. Jet Star Tomato

An indeterminate variety that is popular for their large, firm, meaty, high-sugar, and low-acid content are Jet-Star Tomatoes. They have compact growth, high yields, and disease resistance.

Jet Star tomatoes are medium-sized, globe-shaped, hybrid tomatoes with sweetness and low-acid content. They are popular due to their disease and crack resistance.

Their meaty and firm texture is ideal for sandwiches and salads. They may be indeterminate yet have a compact growth habit.

They were introduced by Harris in the late 1960s.

13. Golden Sweet Tomato

An early maturing deep yellow grape tomato that is good for home gardens is the Golden Sweet tomato. They are flavorful, firm, and work well in salads.

Golden Sweet tomato plant produces large trusses of yellow-shaped, juicy fruits.

They have tender skin and a full-tomato flavor. Their sweetness works well in salads.

They have a unique elongated shape and grow on long, indeterminate vines.

They have resistance to cracks and tolerance to leaf mold and Fusarium wilt.

14. Isis Candy Tomato

A gorgeous bicolored cherry tomato with a cat’s eye or starburst on the blossom end is Isis Candy. They are rich, sweet fruits that have versatile applications.

Isis Candy is a delightful one-inch tomato fruit that varies in shades and patterns of reds to yellows.

They have a unique cat’s eye or star on the blossom end with unusual beauty. They are known for their sweetness with fruity undertones.

The plants grow in clusters on long indeterminate vines. This open-pollinated variety is found by Joe Bratka of New Jersey.

15. Pineapple Tomato

A pretty-looking beefsteak tomato with a red, pink, orange and yellow swirl of color is a pineapple tomato. They have a distinct outer ribbing and add color to salads.

Pineapple variety is a bi-color beefsteak tomato that stands out for beauty, taste, and size.

They get their name as their outer ribbing is reminiscent of a pineapple’s ribbed exterior.

They add a nice pop of color to salads and sandwiches due to their swirl of red, pink, orange, and yellow shade.

They are an open-pollinated heirloom variety that originated in Kentucky. They grow on large-vining indeterminate plants with supports.

30 Sweetest Tomato Varieties to Choose From (Ultimate List)- The Scientific Gardener (1)

16. Ponderosa Tomato

An heirloom, pink-colored, large-sized fruit is the Ponderosa tomato. They are meaty with low-acid content making them perfect for slicing and canning.

The Ponderosa is an extra-large, beefsteak, open-pollinated tomato popular for its sweetness.

These fruits are flavorful, and meaty with low acidity. They are late maturing and grow on indeterminate vines.

They were first introduced in 1891 by Peter Henderson and company. I find them ideal for slicing and canning.

17. Blush Tomato

Blush types are small, elongated cherry-type tomatoes. They are popular for their versatile applications and fruity, sweet taste.

Blush tomatoes are bigger than cherry tomatoes with an elongated, oval shape. They have smooth and glossy skin.

They have a balanced fruity sweet-tart flavor. Upon maturity, they have orange blush with red and pink striping on the blossom end.

These open-pollinated varieties were introduced by Fred Hempel of Artisan Seeds, California.

They are best suited for raw and cooked applications, including roasting, simmering, and baking.

One of my favorite dishes with blush tomatoes is pasta with vegetables.

18. Brimmer Tomato

Brimmer tomato is an open-pollinated heirloom variety that grows on indeterminate vines and has large pink-purple fruits. They are well known for their high sugar content.

If you want large, low-acid tomatoes with high sugar content, my suggestion is Brimmer tomato.

They are meaty, pink-purple colored with some protection against fruit worms.

They are an old heirloom variety that won the Grand prize in 1907 for size and taste. They are perfect for canning due to their thicker skin.

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19. Sweet Tooth Tomato

A rich meaty Roma variety is Sweet Tooth tomato. They are the dark purple type with green glossy stripes.

Sweet Tooth tomato was founded by Brad Gates of Napa valley. They are indeterminate, regular type producing purple-pink fruits with dark stripes.

They have pointy ends and wispy foliage like Roma-type fruits. I love the rich, sweet flavor of these tomatoes in salads and sauces.

They have a pleasant taste with a balanced acidic flavor.

20. Allure Tomato

Allure tomato is F1 prolific variety with disease resistance and determinate growth habit. If you want to grow sweet tomatoes in containers, they are perfect. However, they are mid to late-season plants.

Allure is a prolific determinate tomato variety with excellent disease resistance.

People use them for both sauce making and salads due to their meaty, dense flesh, sweet taste, and acidic touch.

They are a rare orange-colored variety that originated in Barbados. They have a good after-shelf life and are perfect for container gardening.

21. Brutus Tomato

One of the gigantic beefsteak tomatoes is Brutus tomatoes. They work well in sandwiches and salads due to their sweet and juicy texture.

Brutus tomatoes are Czech big, beefsteak tomatoes. They are ideal for slicing in sandwiches and salads.

They are a mid-season indeterminate variety with a meaty and juicy texture.

They need consistent and proper staking. Most of my tomatoes did not have any cracks and may survive in colder climates.

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22. Riesentraube Tomato

Riesentraube is an old heirloom variety that is a favorite of many seed growers. They are cherry tomato types producing massive yields.

Riesentraube is a small, cherry-type tomato grown on indeterminate vines.

They are well known for their rich, sweet flavor that may ripen mid-season.

Their name means ‘Giant bunch of grapes’ in German. They get their name as they are produced in large clusters.

23. Big Rainbow Tomato

Another large beefsteak tomato that offers a mild, sweet fruity flavor with a nice balance of acids and sugars is Big Rainbow. They are heavy yielders but late producers.

Big Rainbow is a large, vigorous plant that produces golden yellow sweet tomato fruits with a red splotch at the bottom.

I find them perfect for canning and slicing due to their firmness. They are delicious for eating raw due to their sweetness.

They are resistant to one of the common fungal diseases, Fusarium wilt. They may be cultivated in warm conditions and is a late producer.

24. Prudens Purple Tomato

If you are looking for a dependable heirloom beefsteak tomato, Prudens Purple tomato is a perfect choice. They may be comparable to Brandywine and has a deep pink color.

One of my favorite sweet heirloom tomato varieties is Prudens Purple.

They have distinctive ridges with deep pink color and meaty flavor. They contain very few seeds.

They are less susceptible to cracking with some resistance to late blight. They are tolerant of cold and other challenging conditions.

25. Porter Tomato

An open-pollinated egg-shaped fruit with a sweet flavor is Porter tomato. They grow well in hot climates and have versatile applications.

Porter tomato is a smooth, dark-pink variety with a round/plum shape and sweet flavor. They are drought-resistant and high-yielding. They are perfect for canning, juicing, or eating fresh.

They were grown by Porter in Texas to set fruits in dry, hot climates. A good choice for container gardening.

26. Anna Russian Tomato

Anna Russian is an heirloom Oxheart variety producing sweet-flavored fruits. They are early-maturing, visually appealing, and high-yielding fruits.

Anna Russian tomato is an oxheart heirloom variety with a complex sweet flavor. They appear in clusters of 2-3 that ripen to a pink-red hue.

I love that they have few seeds and mature early.

They are resilient, high-yielding, and withstand hot and cold temperatures. One drawback is that they are prone to cracking due to thin skin.

27. Crokini Tomato

The award-winning Crokini is a crack-resistant, red-cherry hybrid tomato with a burst of sweetness and flavor. They are indeterminate and productive.

Crokini is a winner of All-AmericaSelections (2020) with a Brix rating of 8.5 and perfect sweet/acid balance. Thanks to their disease-resistances and prolific production.

They provide a burst of sweetness and do not crack on the vine.

They are referred to as cleaner plants because of their compact growth and evenly distributed fruits.

28. Caspian Pink Tomato

The Caspian Pink Tomato is a large, beefsteak heirloom variety with a balanced sweet taste. These oblong fruits are ideal for eating raw and in cooked applications.

Caspian pink tomato is an indeterminate heirloom variety producing deep pink fruits when ripe. I love the rosy pink flesh that is juicy, sweet, and delicious.

They are late-season plants producing oblong fruits with flat bottoms and thick flesh. They are ideal for fresh or cooked applications.

They are developed by a Petoseed company employee after the Cold war.

29. Pink Ping Pong Tomato

Pink Ping Pong is an open-pollinated indeterminate variety producing clusters of sweet cherry tomatoes. They get their name due to their resemblance to ping pong balls.

Pink Ping Pong tomatoes are the size of ping pong balls with a juicy and sweet flavor.

They are indeterminate with regular leaf, bushy plants. I love to pop them in my mouth off the vine.

The plant requires staking or cages due to their growth habitat. They are my choice for home gardens.

30. Tommy Toe Tomato

Tommy Toe is an indeterminate plant producing clusters of small, cherry-type tomatoes. They can be grown in cooler regions for their excellent flavor and juice.

Tommy Toe tomatoes are vigorous indeterminate plants producing red cherry tomatoes for a longer time.

They won the Australian taste test over 100 varieties for their exceptional flavor.

They have an old-fashioned, balanced flavor, developed in the Ozark Mountains.

They are an heirloom variety great for salads and juice. A perfect choice for cooler growing regions!


How to grow sweeter tomatoes?

You may increase the flavor of tomatoes by adding plenty of organic matter to the soil, choosing sweeter varieties, allowing plants to experience dry spells, and providing more sunlight. These may offer more sugar content.

Which tomato is the sweetest?

Rosada cheery is the sweetest variety with a Brix rating of 10.5. However, they may be difficult to find. You may find Sun Gold cherry or Pineapple tomatoes easily. However, it is the personal preference to decide upon the sweetness.

What is Brix rating?

BBC Gardener’ World.com has given Brix rating for measuring the sweetness of tomatoes. Brix value is the number of grams of sucrose present per 100 grams of liquid. A higher Brix rating means more sugars in tomatoes.


I hope this guide has given you some of the sweetest tomato varieties available on the market. You may pick a variety suitable for your area.

Do share some of your own favorites!

If you like the list, please share it with friends and family.

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